Thursday, April 2, 2009

Connecting: Online Social Networks For Organizations

Conferencia de GERRY McKIERNAN

Iowa State University Library / Ames IA USA

La Importancia de Estar Conectados:

Fecha: 11 de marzo de 2009

Lugar de celebración: Biblioteca Nacional de España / Paseo de Recoletos, 20

While Facebook and MySpace are among the better-known general online social networks, there are an ever-increasing number of online networks that have emerged for and within a wide variety of communities.

Among many others, these include networks for Academe and Education, People of Color, Boomers, LGBT groups, Religion, and Researchers and Scholars.

This presentation will provide an overview of a variety of niche online networks, and a detailed review of select niche social networks created to better connect and engage clients, customers, patrons, and staff, within and outside of organizations.

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SEDIC Blog Posting

ABC National [Spain] Daily Newspaper Interview

While the slides for this presentation are substantially identical to those at The CALSI 2009 Workshop in Valencia, Spain on March 10 2009,


the narrative was specific to the overall theme of the Madrid forum.

I am most grateful to Maria-Jesus del Olmo, Director, Information Resource Center U.S. Embassy / Madrid, Spain; SEDIC – Asociación Española de Documentación e Información; and Milagros del Corral Beltrán, Director, Biblioteca Nacional de España, for making my visit and presentation possible.

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