Saturday, February 14, 2009

ISU Library Spring Seminar: Not Just Facebook: Niche Social Network Sites

Friends/ Later this month. I will give the first presentation in our Spring Library Seminar series here at Iowa State University:

Not Just Facebook: Niche Social Network Sites

Gerry McKiernan, Associate Professor, Science & Technology Department, ISU Library

Wednesday, February 25, 3:15-4:30, Parks Library 192

"While Facebook and MySpace are among the better-known general online social networks, there are an ever-increasing number of online networks that have emerged for and within a wide variety of groups. Among many others, these include networks for academe and education, people of color, boomers, businesses, LGBT groups, religious communities, and researchers and scholars. This presentation offers an overview of these on other niche online networks and examines the potential benefit they may offer to colleges and universities and their communities."


In addition to the communities noted above, I am also greatly interested in learning of other communities (with a social network presence) that are or could be of particular interest to colleges or universities (e.g. alumni), along with specific examples, if possible.

I am also interested in learning of specific niche communities that you find of significant professional value.

Please post the names/sites of these Niche Communities and the particular professional benefits that you have gained (or believe can be gained) from membership in Any and All niche social networks as a Comment on this posting.

BTW: This presentation will be an abridged and modified version of my Internet Librarian 2008 pre-conference workshop presentation Not Just Facebook: Online Social Networks For Libraries .


Not Just Facebook: Niche Social Network Sites

Part 1:
Introduction [9:08]
Part 2:
Web 2.0: Social Networking Services [6:19]
Part 3:
Facebook [4:49]
Part 4:
Niche Online Social Networks [26:36]
Part 5:
NING [12:47]
Part 6:
Potential Benefits [9:17]
Part 7:
Demonstration of NING [12:01]



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