Sunday, November 9, 2008

A-Space: A Collaborative Work Environment To Answer Intelligence Questions And Challenges

In today’s dynamic environment, in which emerging threats are often time-critical, old technology is not sufficient to achieve the multi- faceted collaborative analysis and discussion needed to meet the resulting challenges.

A-Space is an ODNI project to develop a common collaboration workspace for all Intelligence Community analysts that is accessible from current workstations and provides unprecedented access to interagency databases, a capability to search classified sources and the Internet simultaneously, web-based email, and collaboration tools accredited to the HUMINT Control System and Gamma Information Handling (HCS/G) level. The Defense Intelligence Agency is the Executive Agent for building the first phase of A-Space.

How can this help us?

A-Space will help individual analysts be more effective in the work of discovery and investigation. It is designed to give analysts access to a large and diverse corpus of intelligence, including text, graphics, and video, spanning multiple classification levels with appropriate controls. Agencies will be able to make internal databases accessible to A-Space, and programs such as the Library of National Intelligence and Catalyst will enhance the ability of analysts to sort through this information to identify the most relevant information

A-Space also will help analysts communicate and collaborate with colleagues across the Community. A-Space will encourage analysts to post their work to a shared space in a way that allows peers to see and comment on research in progress. This peer review will facilitate identification of alternative hypotheses and assumptions, accumulation of additional data and insight, and a focus on issues of source reliability.

Beyond Phase 1, A-Space also will be accessible to collectors, allowing more effective interaction between analysts and collectors and rapid support for tactical operations.

How does A-Space align to the DNI’s top priorities.

A-Space is a signature initiative of Analytic Transformation, which the DNI has identified as a top priority for the Community in FY 2008 and FY 2009.

When is this happening?

December 2007: Test A-Space design and deploy Phase 1 Pilot
2008: Refine the design and functionality and deploy subsequent pilots



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