Friday, November 7, 2008

Not Just Facebook: Online Social Networks For Libraries

I’m pleased to announce that a corrected / revised / expanded version of my pre-conference workshop presentation for Internet Librarian 2008 (October 18 2008) is now available:

_Not Just Facebook: Online Social Networks For Libraries_



While Bebo, Facebook, hi5, MySpace, and Orkut are among the better-known general online social networks, there is an ever-increasing number of online networks that have emerged for and within a wide variety of communities. Among many others, these include networks for academe and education (e.g., EduSpaces), people of color (e.g., Black Planet), Boomers (e.g., Boomj), business (e.g., Linked-In), LGBT groups (e.g., OUTeverywhere), religion (e.g., MyChurch), and researchers and scholars (e.g., Nature Network).This workshop provides an overview of the more significant niche online social networks, reviews their common and unique features and functionalities, and considers the potential opportunities for wider engaged library outreach to these communities.

  • Web 2.0
  • Social Networking Services
  • Facebook
  • Librarian Facebook Presence
  • Library Facebook Presence
  • Facebook Library Groups
  • Facebook Pages
  • Facebook Applications
  • Facebook Apps for Libraries
  • NICHE Online Social Networks
  • Academe and Education
  • Books
  • Boomers
  • Business
  • Lesbian / Gay / Bisexual / Transgender
  • People of Color
  • Religion
  • Researchers and Scientists
  • Second Life
  • Ning
  • Mega-Sites
  • News
  • Library Outreach

Demonstration (Ning)

This is a LARGE Presentation (204 Slides).

The First Half Is Devoted To Web 2.0/SNS Background and a Review Of Facebook (Slides 1-89);The Second Half Is Devoted To Niche Online Social Networks (NSNS) (Slide 90->).


BTW: I am greatly interested in learning of Other Niche SNS / Please Nominate Any And All As A Comment On This Blog EntryThanks!


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Tamara Murray said...

We're obsessed with GoodReads at our library!

Half of our staff have joined so we can share what we're reading with each other and our patrons!