Friday, November 7, 2008

Forrester Report: Social Networks Should Find 'Significant Success' In Enterprise

Wikis, social networks should find 'significant success' in enterprise

Study says other Web 2.0 tools will take longer to be seen as cost effective by IT managers

Heather Havenstein / November 5, 2008 / Computerworld

While enterprises face growing demands from employees for the Web 2.0 tools they use at home, IT managers continue to doubt whether most of them can provide business value to a company, according to a Forrester Research Inc. report released this week. The report suggests that only two of the myriad tools commonly grouped in the Enterprise 2.0 category -- social networks and wikis -- will find significant success in the corporate market over the next few years.

Widgets, mashups, blogs, RSS and forums may find moderate success, while microblogs, prediction markets, social bookmarking and podcasts will have only minimum penetration in the enterprise, the report said.

"Wikis in particular have proven themselves to be successful," noted Gil Yehuda, a Forrester analyst and author of the "Forrester TechRadar for Information and Knowledge Management Pros: Enterprise 2.0" report. "For the most part, they have proven themselves more so than many of the other Web 2.0 tools."

The report predicts that social networks will find corporate success as users seek to find out more about colleagues who create and use the corporate content they are interested in, he added.




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